Digital Art FAQ

Digital artworks are unique visual memories from Hans Zimmer’s performances of his music from “The Lion King” to “Interstellar”, and “Dune” to “Gladiator”.

What is HZL Official Tour Art?

  • Official Tour Art is a limited edition collection of moving image impressions from the Hans Zimmer Live Tour.
  • A collectible for the enthusiast who wishes to keep a unique and valuable memory of the Hans Zimmer Live experience.
  • The HZL digital artwork is a slow-moving image not dissimilar to still photography. The artwork is what we call a “living photograph”.

How can I view my artwork?

  • Once you obtain the artwork you then create your own collection account on the Active Image platform.
  • In “my collection” you can play the artwork on any assigned Digital Canvas
  • Download the free Digital Canvas app by Active Image from the Apple Store or Google Play for phones, tablets, and smart TV’s that running Apple iOS, tvOS, or Android operating systems.
  • Active Image is also available on the Tizen app by Samsung The Frame. Simply download the Tizen app from the Samsung app marketplace and pair it with your Active Image account using the pairing code sent to you.

Can I gift or pass the artwork on to someone else?

  • Yes, you can easily transfer ownership of the artwork by sending it as a gift. The recipient creates their own Active Image account.

Can I sell my artwork?

  • Yes, you can sell your artwork any time on the Active Image Marketplace. You set the price.

What is special about the HZL digital artwork?

  • Each artwork is a unique limited edition featuring a short clip of a one-time live event. Your own beautiful moments that you can relive and enjoy. A true collector’s piece.

How is the HZL Official Tour Art a limited edition artwork?

  • As with every physical artwork, each single piece of an HZL limited edition artwork is entirely unique unto itself; each edition piece is uniquely numbered and only you own the numbered edition piece that you purchase.

Who created these Official Tour Art Images?

  • The HZL Official Tour Art is created by acclaimed media artist and long-time Hans-collaborating composer Henning Lohner, but not on his own:
  • The artworks capture the masterful show lighting designs by John Featherstone and his team
  • The artworks reflect the contribution of the entire Hans Zimmer Band and Crew
  • See the full list of credits attached to each image.

How many HZL Official Tour Artworks exist and will there be more to come?

  • Once an artwork is sold out it can only be obtained via the Active Image resale marketplace.
  • There may be a few more limited edition artworks coming in the future.

Who are the people behind Active Image and what do they do?

  • Active Image, founded by composer and media artist Henning Lohner, is a group of artists and technologists who support museums, artists, creators, and collectors to publish and disseminate Digital Media Art of all kinds to an audience that appreciates the artistic nature, the intrinsic value, and the authenticity of high-quality artworks that cannot otherwise be seen outside of the digital world.

Does this Digital Art have anything to do with “Crypto Art” and “NFTs”?

  • Active Images / HZL Official Tour Art incorporates multiple verification and authentication methods, developed, and patented in cooperation with Fraunhofer. Unlike all other digital media, Active Image’s IRIS technology invisibly codes the images themselves with the relevant blockchain and smart contract verification methods.


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